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CivilFEM powered by Marc

Just one software for all your Civil engineering needs
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GANGALE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING is now the certified distributor of CivilFEM software in Switzerland and Austria.

On this page you will found an introduction to CivilFEM along with links to tutorial videos and trial versions. Please feel free to contact us should you have any question, curiosity or in case you need a quotation. We are glad to support you and answer your questions.

GANGALE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING is an innovative and reliable company, active in the field of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and boasts a technical office particularly competent, dynamic and highly qualified, able to bring effective solutions to the most demanding requirements and provide a wide range of specialized services.

An important element of the company is his uncommon ability to support the customer in every moment of the process for solving problems of design, construction and logistics / organizational and providing technical advice on production and industrial methods. This, from initial stadium of the project, to the creation of prototypes for the test and the final construction.  







  • 3D CAD design
  • Construction of machines, systems and components
  • Special solutions for steel constructions
  • 2D detailed drawings
  • Execution of documents, parts lists
  • Industrial, commercial and residential planimetry and layout



  • Plans and simulations of hydraulics, pneumatics and electro-pneumatics
  • Photo and video rendering (i.e. industry, architecture, internal design etc.)
  • Motion simulations and animations
  • Creation of finite element models for static, dynamic and non-linear analysis
  • Implicit and explicit Analysis (Linear and Non-linear)
  • Linear statics (stresses, deformations, strains)
  • Non-linear statics taking into account large displacements and material nonlinearity and contact
  • Stability calculation (buckling)
  • Fatigue
  • Dynamic analysis (calculation of component behavior in the time and frequency domain)
  • Seismic analysis
  • Fluid mechanics and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Modeling of mechanical systems (automotive, aeronautics…), hydraulic circuits ( pipe modeling…), control systems
  • Optimization of components
  • Multibody dynamics (MBD) and kinematics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Laser Engraving (COMING SOON)
  • Laser Cutting (COMING SOON)



  • 3D Printed FDM Prototyping
  • 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures
  • 3D Printing for the following applications:
    • Direct Digital Manufacturing
    • Blow Moulding
    • Carbon Fibre Layup
    • Composite Layup
    • Injection Moulds
    • Investment Casting
    • Metal Hydroforming
    • Sand Casting
    • Concrete Moulding
    • Soluble Cores
    • Thermoforming
  • Small production series and prototypes with the applications described above.







  • Software and tools development:
    • FileMaker
    • Visual Studio (C# and Visual Basic)
    • HTML
  • Programming:
    • Matlab
    • Scilab
  • Project Management
  • Optimization of the product and process
  • Execution of project documentation
  • Technical advice in mechanical and structural engineering
  • Consulting in Finite Element Method and CAE Simulations
  • Technical support for use of FEM and Simulation Software
  • Technical advice in Calculation typologies
  • 3D Printing and Additive manufacturing solutions
  • Training, webinars and courses